Zimmerman And Shkreli: When A**holes Collide: Racists Troll Pharma Bro On Twitter Over G.Z’s Gun (VIDEO)

This week, Martin Shkreli, aka “Pharma bro” managed to cross paths with one of the few people in America who’s a bigger social pariah, George Zimmerman.

On Wednesday, Zimmerman announced that he wanted to sell his prized possession, the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin in 2012. The auction was shut down within a few hours.

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On Friday, another auction began, but soon some amazing online trolls managed to drive the bid up to 65 million dollars, putting it out of the price range of the average racist dirtbag.

Shkreli posted a tweet in which he offered to buy the gun used to kill Trayvon Martin. Shkreli said he’d “put it in a museum as a disgusting reminder of racism in the U.S.”

Pharma Bro immediately found himself on the receiving end of a flood of racist invective from Zimmerman fans, who are most likely also full-time Trump trolls as well.

One winner at life replied:

A Hispanic man shot a black teen who was assaulting him. What racism?

Here are some more examples:

One poster did make a valid point; Shkreli doesn’t have nearly enough karma points to hold himself as some kind of moral hero. He’s a man who jacked up the price of a life-saving Aids treatment overnight, just to make a few extra bucks. Not to mention, plead the 5th like a scared punk, before the Senate after tweeting up a storm about them beforehand. Shkreli and Zimmerman are both world class cowards.

Shkreli and Zimmerman are both world class cowards. However, Zimmerman’s shameless exploitation of Trayvon Martin’s death should earn him entry into a new level 50 floors below hell.

Here’s a great video talking about how Zimmerman has come to represent the Republican party’s base.

Featured Image via Raw Story.

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