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Trump Supporters Offer Outrageous Conspiracy Theories To Daily Show Reporter (VIDEO)

If there is one thing you can say about Trump supporters, it is that they are sure about what they don’t know. And what they don’t know can fill volumes, as evidenced by the latest conversation with some of them, shared on the September 20 episode of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

You can’t blame these people for some of the conspiracy theories they believe — many of those theories started in right-wing media, like Fox News. But when asked, many Trump voters were willing to offer up their own ideas about conspiracies that go far and beyond what even Sean Hannity would probably touch.
Reporter Jordan Klepper visited Trump rallies to talk to the attendees and what they told him will make you laugh at first –then it just might make you cry. Trump famously said that he loves the “poorly educated” and Klepper found them in abundance as they waited to hear from their god-emperor.

The first couple of people Klepper talks to were interested in rumors about Hillary’s health. One man tells him that he thinks she has AIDS, which she got from Bill. And where did Bill get it? “From messing with that Magic Johnson,” the man replies. We assume he meant the former NBA star and not the ex-president’s, er, “johnson.”

It doesn’t take Klepper long to find people who appear to be totally divorced from reality. Like the man who believes Clinton has a body double, and when shown two identical photos of the candidate by Klepper, he quickly and confidently picks out the one he thinks is the “double.”

Then there’s the guy who says President Obama reveals he is a Muslim by the way he wears his jewelry. He is referring to a long debunked story that claimed that the president stopped wearing his watch and wedding ring in observance of Ramadan. But there’s no restriction prohibiting Muslims from wearing jewelry during the holy month, except in this man’s mind. So the president appearing sans watch and wedding ring proves absolutely nothing.

But the winner is the guy who claimed that Hillary has AIDS, for his demand to know why President Obama wasn’t in the Oval Office when the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001.

These people will be voting on November 8. Will you be?

Here’s the video, via Comedy Central: