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Captain Marvel

Date de sortie 6 mars 2019 (2h 04min)
De Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
Avec Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Lawplus
Genres Action, Fantastique, Science fiction
Nationalité Américain


Captain Marvel raconte l’histoire de Carol Danvers qui va devenir l’une des super-héroïnes les plus puissantes de l’univers lorsque la Terre se révèle l’enjeu d’une guerre galactique entre deux races extraterrestres. SECRETS DE TOURNAGE

Entraînement intensif

Pour incarner Captain Marvel – la première super-héroïne du MCU à avoir son film solo -Brie Larson a suivi un entraînement intensif. La comédienne s’est préparée durant 9 mois avant de débuter le tournage. Un entraînement nécessaire pour les nombreuses scènes d’action présentes dans le long métrage, notamment celle du train qui a nécessité 3 jours de tournage. L’actrice – qui tourne ici son premier film d’action en tant que co… Lire plus

Rajeunissement numérique

Samuel L. Jackson alias Nick Fury est rajeuni numériquement de 25 ans pendant l’intégralité de Captain Marvel, le film se déroulant durant les années 90. C’est à la compagnie Lola VFX que l’on doit la plupart des rajeunissements numériques au cinéma. En activité depuis le début des années 2000, cette société d’effets spéciaux est notamment reconnue pour son savoir-faire en matière de “cosmétique visuelle”. Les artistes de Lola… Lire plus

Un duo de cinéastes

Marvel avait annoncé chercher une réalisatrice et l’a trouvée en la personne d’Anna Boden. Mais cette dernière n’est pas seule puisque son binôme Ryan Fleck l’accompagne pour mettre Captain Marvel en scène. Révélé grâce à Half Nelson, qui avait valu une nomination à l’Oscar du Meilleur Acteur à Ryan Gosling en 2007, le duo a depuis alterné entre télévision (The Big C, The Affair) et cinéma (Une drôle d’hist… Lire plus15 Secrets de tournage

CONGRESSMEN TAKE ‘RALLYING CRY’ OF HANDS-UP-DON’T-SHOOT TO HOUSE FLOOR (VIDEO) http://ifyouonlynews.com/politics/congressmen-take-rallying-cry-of-hands-up-dont-shoot-to-house-floor-video/ Wed, 20 Mar 2019 07:37:53 +0000 http://ifyouonlynews.com/?p=12 Continue Reading]]> On Monday night, U.S. Congressmen took the now famous ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ gesture to the floor of the House of Representatives.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) took the lead in the first of a series of speeches given by the Congressional Black Caucus. He made the gesture as he began, saying:

‘Hands Up — Don’t Shoot’ is a rallying cry of people all across America who are fed up with police violence in community after community after community … in Ferguson, in Brooklyn, in Cleveland, in Oakland, in cities and counties and rural communities all across America.

Congressmen take up new ‘rallying cry’ for America.

Jeffries was introducing an hour-long presentation by the Congressional Black Caucus called ‘Black In America’. Rep. Al Green (D-TX) followed at the podium, also making the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ gesture. He spoke of the St. Louis Rams’ controversial effort in repeating the gesture at Sunday night’s game. Green called it “a new symbol, a new statement.”

Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) repeated the symbol, saying:

The Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict former officer Darren Wilson was yet another slap in our face. It was another painful reminder that just like with Trayvon Martin, and Tamir Rice, and so many others, that law enforcement officers kill our black and brown boys without repercussions.

The caucus issued a call for a new discussion on race in America, with Congress stepping up to take the lead to find answers rather than running away from the issue. As Fudge also said:

If we are to learn anything from the tragic death of Michael Brown, we must first acknowledge that we have a race issue we are not addressing.

Many have referred to Michael Brown’s death and subsequent events in Ferguson, Missouri as the beginning of a new civil rights movement. The last great Civil Rights Movement also was born out of America’s determination to ignore racial injustice while countless young black men died at the hands of whites.

The first trial of the previous movement was for the 1955 torture and murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till by a group of white men in Money, Mississippi. His alleged ‘crime’ was flirting with a white woman. The two men taken to trial for the murder were acquitted. Protected against double jeopardy (retrial), the men then admitted — or bragged — to Look magazine that they killed the child.

A new civil rights movement has powerful voices to issue the rallying cry.

A new Civil Rights Movement has an advantage that the last one didn’t — black officials in elected positions and black celebrities with the ability to make themselves widely heard. Now it also has a powerful symbol— Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.

Before the 1965 Voting Rights Act was passed, black congressmen were virtually non-existent. The Congressional Black Caucus wasn’t formed until 1969. Now, members like Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) have long held leadership positions.

The backlash against the congressmen’s Monday night action has, of course, been immediate. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, called the gesture ‘a lie’ because it implies the police shoot people who have their hands in the air. The St. Louis Police Officers’ Association described Sunday night’s action by the St. Louis Rams as “way out-of-bounds.”

But to believe that policemen never abuse their power, especially in regard to minorities, is to live in a fool’s paradise. On the contrary, such is the history of being black in America. If former Officer Darren Wilson is innocent of the murder of Michael Brown, then let the evidence be presented — first to a newly-called grand jury whose composition reflects the community, by a specially-appointed prosecutor free of known biases — then, if deemed appropriate, to a judge and jury.

Too often, justice seems a white man’s dream — blacks, Latinos, women need not apply. There has been a crying need for someone with a megaphone to step up and insist on a new perspective with a search for new answers. The Congressional Black Caucus has just taken the lead.

You can watch the video in the House here:

Dallas Mayor Calls Bullsh*t On Open Carry: It Didn’t Help During Shooting, And Made Things Worse http://ifyouonlynews.com/politics/dallas-mayor-calls-bs-on-open-carry-it-didnt-help-during-shooting-and-made-things-much-worse/ Mon, 20 Jun 2016 07:26:31 +0000 http://ifyouonlynews.com/?p=7 Continue Reading]]> Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings (D) stood next to Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and dropped an extremely uncomfortable reality check: Open Carry, the movement pushed with near-fanatical obsession by Texas Republicans, not only did nothing to help stop the mass shooting of police officers in Dallas, but it actually made the situation far worse. Open Carry had an opportunity to justify its existence – and it failed on every conceivable level.

For Rawlings, examining the aftermath of the shooting made it clear that having dozens of scared civilians clinging to assault-style weapons during a mass shooting was a recipe for disaster. The “good guys with guns” didn’t suddenly become action heroes bravely stopping a heavily-armed lunatic. They acted like any of us would: When the shooting started, they scattered in every direction in terror. Only unlike others, these fleeing victims were strapped with weapons that sowed confusion. Any of them could have been a shooter attempting to blend in. At a moment when cops were being targeted by a sniper, officers had to track down these “innocent” gunmen just to make sure they weren’t one of the bad guys.

It’s logical to say that in a shooting situation, open carry can be detrimental to the safety of individuals.

Here’s how bad the situation became in Dallas during the shooting:

Rawlings said Dallas police Chief David Brown told him that people running through the shooting scene with rifles and body armor required officers to track them down and bring them to the police department. Whether that was time that could have been spent trying to find and stop the shooter is something police will have to comment on, Rawlings said.

In other words, the exact reason gun rights activists often give to justify “guns everywhere” bills is false. They don’t keep people safe, they put people’s lives at risk by causing chaos.

A major in the Dallas police department was equally furious about the danger Open Carriers put the rest of the population in. Maj. Max Geron pointed out that the police scanner was filled with chatter of confused officers desperately trying to figure out who was a bad guy and who was an Open Carry supporter while calls of “officer down” continued to ring out.

There was also the challenge of sorting out witnesses from potential suspects. Texas is an open carry state, and there were a number of armed demonstrators taking part. There was confusion on the radio about the description of the suspects and whether or not one or more was in custody.

After Texas Republicans rammed Guns Everywhere policies into law against the wishes of many in law enforcement and over the objection of many officials at the local level, it could be said that this situation was bound to happen. Research has repeatedly shown that more guns in more places don’t keep people safe, but often times do increase the chances of innocent people getting shot. Texas went gun crazy and this was the result.

Like clockwork, the conservatives who up until yesterday were all about “Blue Lives Matter” turned on police because of these comments. According to the president of Open Carry Texas C.J. Grisham, officers should be fired for complaining about his right to carry an AR-15 in public.

If you can’t identify a threat, you shouldn’t be wearing a uniform. It’s not that difficult to tell the difference between a bad actor and a good actor.

Spoken like a true coward. To which the entire country, still mourning the deaths of five officers who were killed in Dallas, can for once join together and in one voice tell C.J. Grisham: “Go to hell.”

Clueless Republican Bimbo Insults Warren And Hillary, Calls Them (VIDEO) http://ifyouonlynews.com/videos/clueless-republican-bimbo-insults-warren-and-hilary-calls-them-males-video/ Wed, 23 Mar 2016 12:13:49 +0000 http://ifyouonlynews.com/?p=24 Continue Reading]]> Tomi Lahren, a host for OAN, took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) recently, and levied some attacks against Elizabeth Warren and Hilary Clinton, as well as the entire left – but, not without having a few “idiotic moments” in the process. It might just be a coincidence that she’s a blonde, since there are many intelligent blondes out there, mainly Democrats. The real problem here is not her hair color, it’s her brain.

Let’s take a look at her speech:

Millennials (people aged 18-33) are starting to get it. I want to be the bucket of cold water that wakes them up. You like being green, millennials? How about more green in your pockets? If you want that you have to start voting red.

She then starts talking about how the Republican party has a branding problem. She say’s that too often it is confused as being composed of old, rich, white males. Here’s what she had to say about that:

I have a problem with this, because I don’t fit into that narrow box.

Lets see… For one…I’m not old, I’m 22.

And, rich? That makes me laugh out loud. I grew up in South Dakota, so that’s smack dab in the middle class in middle america.

And, white? Okay, you got me there. But, unlike my friends on the left, I’m not going to apologize for being white – because I am what I am – and I’m sorry but you can keep your white guilt.

Lastly…male? This so called war on women is somewhat problematic for me, because last time I checked I don’t hate myself and I’m not at war with myself….

Her hair color really starts to show after this – excuse me – her conservatism really starts making its appearance – when she levies this next line, in an attempt to make fun of Obama care:

I’m a Republican. I can take care of myself. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want the government making my health choices or going anywhere near my body. Has anyone seen how well Obamacare or healthcare.dud has been working out?

Heathcare.dud? Was that the joke of the night? And, wait – what? You don’t want the government anywhere near your body? We know you’re trying to make fun of The Affordable Care Act, but you make it almost sound as if you’re for a woman’s right to choose. But, that’s absurd, because you are for big government making your health choices and imposing itself on your body when it comes to abortion.

She wasn’t done yet. Lahren had to make a complete idiot of herself by attacking both Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren by insinuating that they were “males.”

So, we’ve gone through this already….old, rich, white males…. we have Hilary, Elizabeth along with Joe Biden…..all old, and rich…..and if the pantsuits fits, male too? It’s an interesting lineup, what do you think?

She’s probably just auditioning for a spot on Fox News, now that we think about it. That’s the only way we can explain this idiotic speech:

H/T: The Count | Featured Image: You Tube Screen Capture

Trump Supporters Offer Outrageous Conspiracy Theories To Daily Show Reporter (VIDEO) http://ifyouonlynews.com/politics/trump-supporters-offer-outrageous-conspiracy-theories-to-daily-show-reporter-video/ Sun, 20 Mar 2016 07:31:18 +0000 http://ifyouonlynews.com/?p=10 Continue Reading]]> If there is one thing you can say about Trump supporters, it is that they are sure about what they don’t know. And what they don’t know can fill volumes, as evidenced by the latest conversation with some of them, shared on the September 20 episode of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

You can’t blame these people for some of the conspiracy theories they believe — many of those theories started in right-wing media, like Fox News. But when asked, many Trump voters were willing to offer up their own ideas about conspiracies that go far and beyond what even Sean Hannity would probably touch.
Reporter Jordan Klepper visited Trump rallies to talk to the attendees and what they told him will make you laugh at first –then it just might make you cry. Trump famously said that he loves the “poorly educated” and Klepper found them in abundance as they waited to hear from their god-emperor.

The first couple of people Klepper talks to were interested in rumors about Hillary’s health. One man tells him that he thinks she has AIDS, which she got from Bill. And where did Bill get it? “From messing with that Magic Johnson,” the man replies. We assume he meant the former NBA star and not the ex-president’s, er, “johnson.”

It doesn’t take Klepper long to find people who appear to be totally divorced from reality. Like the man who believes Clinton has a body double, and when shown two identical photos of the candidate by Klepper, he quickly and confidently picks out the one he thinks is the “double.”

Then there’s the guy who says President Obama reveals he is a Muslim by the way he wears his jewelry. He is referring to a long debunked story that claimed that the president stopped wearing his watch and wedding ring in observance of Ramadan. But there’s no restriction prohibiting Muslims from wearing jewelry during the holy month, except in this man’s mind. So the president appearing sans watch and wedding ring proves absolutely nothing.

But the winner is the guy who claimed that Hillary has AIDS, for his demand to know why President Obama wasn’t in the Oval Office when the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001.

These people will be voting on November 8. Will you be?

Here’s the video, via Comedy Central:

Rachel Maddow May Have Just Cost Tump The Election With This BRILLIANT Report http://ifyouonlynews.com/politics/watch-rachel-maddow-may-have-just-cost-trump-the-election-with-this-brilliant-report-video/ Sun, 20 Mar 2016 07:16:21 +0000 http://ifyouonlynews.com/?p=5 Continue Reading]]> Rachel Maddow has a huge issue with Trump’s glorification of violence against protesters and people just he doesn’t like (black people) at his rallies. He has been advocating for violence against them for weeks now, if not months, and recently it has hit a boiling point. 

Watch the video below. Rachel created a timeline of Trump talking about how he “missed the old days” when you could get violent with protesters, which led into him advocating for his supporters to physically assault protesters while he promised to defend them in court if charged with a crime. It’s a direct line from point A to B, and it runs directly out of Trump’s big mouth. 

The video is damning. It could literally be used as evidence in court for inciting a riot. Protesters could arguably start suing Trump for ordering people to commit physical violence and injury on them, and all they’d need is this video to prove their case. It’s so disgustingly offensive words don’t adequately describe it. 

Watch Rachel Maddow prove that ALL of Trump’s violence against protesters is being done on purpose below: