WATCH: Rachel Maddow May Have Just Cost Trump The Election With This BRILLIANT Report (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow has a huge issue with Trump’s glorification of violence against protesters and people just he doesn’t like (black people) at his rallies. He has been advocating for violence against them for weeks now, if not months, and recently it has hit a boiling point.

Watch the video below. Rachel created a timeline of Trump talking about how he “missed the old days” when you could get violent with protesters, which led into him advocating for his supporters to physically assault protesters while he promised to defend them in court if charged with a crime. It’s a direct line from point A to B, and it runs directly out of Trump’s big mouth.

This has been a DELIBERATE action by Trump. He knows he did this, and now he is LYING about it to everyone everywhere because it has finally gotten out of hand.

The video is damning. It could literally be used as evidence in court for inciting a riot. Protesters could arguably start suing Trump for ordering people to commit physical violence and injury on them, and all they’d need is this video to prove their case. It’s so disgustingly offensive words don’t adequately describe it.

Watch Rachel Maddow prove that ALL of Trump’s violence against protesters is being done on purpose below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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