YEEHAW! Grand Jury Indicts Confederate Flag A$$holes Who Terrorized Child’s B-Day Party (VIDEO)

Although being indicted by a grand jury isn’t justice in and of itself, it’s certainly a good first step. Last week, a grand jury in Douglas County, Georgia indicted 15 members of a pro-Conferderate group called “Respect the Flag” for violating Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act and Terrorist threats.

The charges relate to the group’s crashing a child’s birthday party in July with a Confederate flag parade, allegedly yelling racial slurs, death threats and brandishing guns. The indictment also includes acts of physical harassment by two of the members that took place somewhere else on the same day in another part of Douglas County.

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How it began: racist Confederates disrupt child’s birthday party, brandishing rifles and Confederate flags. “I’ll shoot them ni**ers.”

According to the mother and host, Melissa Alford, she was having an outdoor birthday party for her son when a caravan of Confederate flag waving pick-up trucks drove by the party several times brandishing rifles and throwing around racial slurs. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article reported:

One had a gun, saying he was gonna kill the [racial slur]. Then one of them said gimme the gun, I’ll shoot them [racial slur].

The leader of the racist band initially claimed they pulled over only after one of the trucks got a flat tire after driving over a median, then were “swarmed” by party-goers. This seems highly unlikely, however, as a cell phone video shows several trucks parked in a grassy area, with no road in sight. There are also no party attendees in view, although the Confederate lovers can be seen brandishing a riffle and using the slur “ni**er.”

After all the media attention, the group changed stories, claiming their tire was flattened when one of the party goes threw a bottle at the parade. This seems even more unlikely than the first story for the same reasons.

Aftermath: media attention forces further investigation that leads to grand jury indictment.

At the time, Douglasville police said they didn’t have enough evidence either way, but after media coverage brought attention to the incident, evidence like the video was handed over to prosecutors. The police and Douglas County District Attorney’s Office worked together to investigate the incident, leading to a jury indictment of the 15 “Respect the Flag” members that was announced today.

That should disprove nay-sayers who claim reporting and sharing incidents like this is nothing more than antagonistic “race-baiting.” If the video wouldn’t have been taken, shared on social media, and reported by multiple news outlets – nothing would have happened and these racist domestic terrorists would win. Remember that the next time someone shares an article like this or the Confederate-flag-waving pedophile who hit a 4 year with his truck.

Watch the video taken by a party-goer below:


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