WTF? Ben Carson Compares Rape Victims To ‘Slave Owners’ (VIDEO)

Just when you think Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson couldn’t sound any more ridiculous, he spouted off  Sunday stating his belief that Roe v. Wade should be overturned, and there should be no exception in the cases of rape or incest.

The mother should not believe that the baby is her enemy and should not be looking to terminate the baby. We’ve allowed purveyors of division to think that baby is their enemy and they have a right to kill it. Can you see how perverted that line of thinking is

Are you kidding me?! It’s not about the baby being the enemy. It’s about a having the right to choose. Can you imagine trying to make the heart wrenching decision whether or not to carry a child — who you want to love because they are yours — to term, but struggling with the fact that the child will be a reminder of the man who raped you? There are some women that find the strength to do this and kudos to them, but not allowing the women to decide just creates another innocent victim.

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As if this weren’t jaw dropping enough-Ben goes on to compare abortion to slavery-no, I’m not kidding:

Think about this. During slavery — and I know that’s one of those words you’re not supposed to say, but I’m saying it — during slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought that they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave. Anything that they chose to do. And, you know, what if the abolitionist had said, you know, ‘I don’t believe in slavery. I think it’s wrong. But you guys do whatever you want to do’?  Where would we be?

I still have no idea where he thought comparing abortion to slavery is a good pro-life argument. If you really think about it, the slaves had no choices. Not only were they raped over and over again, forced to carry their children of rape, but also had no choices! They had to live by whatever rules or religion set forth by the owners.

If anything, conservatives and slave owners have way more in common.

Watch Carson make the absurd comments:



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