With A Brief Phone Call, President Obama Once Again Shows His Awesome Humanity (VIDEO)

President Obama had a very good week. The Supreme Court upheld his signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act. Then, the next day, the Court ruled in favor of nationwide marriage equality. Some pundits are calling it the most successful week of the Obama presidency.

In the midst of all of the things that occupy the time of an American president, Obama took time on Friday afternoon to make a phone call to Jim Obergefell. Obergefell was the plaintiff in the marriage equality case that was heard by the Supreme Court.

President Obama tells Obergefell that he wanted to say “congratulations” on the ruling. A visibly excited and nervous Obergefell replies, “Thank you so much sir.”

“Your leadership on this changed the country,” Obama says.

Obergefell thanks Obama for what he has done to support the LGBT community. The president replies that what Obergefell has done is going to “bring about a lasting change in this country.” He adds, “It’s pretty rare when that happens.”

President Obama, who has been opposed in every attempt he has made to change the country, certainly knows what he’s talking about.

Once again, in a simple act, this man, who is derided as a “king” or a “dictator” by his critics and enemies, proves that he has more humanity, and a better heart, than all of them combined.

Here’s the video of the president’s heartwarming phone call, via CNN:

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