Wisconsin Man Fatally Shoots Woman Who Reported His Harassment, Waited A Day To Practice

A Wisconsin man has confessed to fatally shooting a co-worker who spurned his advances. He told police he bought a gun when he was fired on Monday because of her harassment complaint, but waited a day to kill her so he could practice with the gun.

On Tuesday, Christopher O’Kroley shot Caroline Nosal three times in the parking lot of the grocery store that had fired him. He had tricked co-workers into telling him the victim’s schedule by telling them he didn’t want to run in to her when he was picking up his personal belongings.

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O’Kroley…told Detective (Greg) Esser that it was easy to kill Caroline,” a criminal complaint states.  “He later added he killed her out of anger because she had ‘ruined my life.

O’Kroley told detectives he began planning the murder when he was initially suspended from work due to the harassment complaint Nosal had filed against him. He bought the gun the day he was eventually fired. He then waited until the next day so he could practice with the gun, because he had never owned one before.

O’Kroley was arrested on Wednesday at a local mall after trading gunfire with Madison Police Officer, Michele Walker.

The criminal complaint said that O’Kroley originally planned to kill himself, but decided to try to pull off an escape plan instead, which he admitted involved the possibility of hijacking a car at gunpoint. O’Kroley reportedly described himself as a sociopath.

He is being held on a $1 million bond. He is facing a first degree intentional homicide charge and a felony endangerment charge.

O’Kroley’s former girlfriend indicated that he had a history of suicide attempts, which led to his hospitalization in a psychiatric facility, and had struggled with his mental health for years.

Hmmm…I wonder if a waiting period or a mandatory background check that included mental health history could have helped to prevent this young woman’s death. Nah, if that were the case our elected officials surely wouldn’t be standing in the way of such common sense legislation. Oh, wait. That’s right. Republicans.

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