Willie Nelson Introduces His Own Marijuana Brand, ‘Willie’s Reserve’ (VIDEO)

With marijuana legalization becoming more popular, and more states and localities giving the green light to weed, it only makes sense that celebrities would start to cash in on the craze, right?

Cannabis aficionado Willie Nelson has become the first major celebrity to lend his name to a brand of marijuana. According to The Daily Beast, Nelson will be launching his cannabis brand, known as “Willie’s Reserve,” in locations where marijuana use has been legalized.

James Joiner, of The Daily Beast, spoke with Michael Bowman, who is a lobbyist for marijuana and hemp. Bowman is serving as the spokesperson for Willie’s Reserve.

Bowman tells Joiner that there will be stores that will sell Willie’s Reserve. He says that those stores are still in the planning stage, but he adds, “I think it’s safe to say that there will be stores that roll out in the states where marijuana has become legal.”

According to Bowman, those stores will sell Nelson’s own strains of pot, as well as those developed by others. He says that what they have in mind for their stores will be similar to what customers experience when they go into a Whole Foods store, where you can buy the store brand, or you can buy another one of several brands on sale.

Bowman calls Willie’s Reserve the “culmination of Willie’s vision, and his whole life.” He says that Willie is not going to be directly involved, other than lending his name to the endeavor. When asked if he thinks marijuana prohibition will soon be coming to an end nationwide, Bowman has this to say:

I would say all this boils down to math. You can take the dollars we’re spending (on prohibition), and go to arch conservatives who are against the ending of prohibition, and say, ‘Here’s a math equation. Here’s what we’re spending in drugs, here’s what we’re doing to destroy peoples lives. And with the ending of prohibition, we can transition from very energy intensive and chemical intensive crops to something much more energy-efficient and environmentally benign, and be creating more products.’ What isn’t conservative about that equation?

A popular claim by opponents of marijuana legalization is that it interferes with thinking and memory. Recently, Jimmy Kimmel took his “pop quiz” segment to the South by Southwest festival, in Austin, Texas. A variety of people, some who admit they are high, fail to answer some simple questions about current events, and government. But, the segment wraps up with Nelson, who nails the question he is asked. He puzzles over the fact that one interviewee didn’t know an FDR quote. “I can’t believe he didn’t know that was FDR. He must be smoking better s— than I got.”

With Willie Nelson creating his own brand of weed, how long will it be before other celebrities follow in his footsteps? Will we soon see competing strains offered by stars such as Snoop Dogg, or Miley Cyrus? Time, and further legalization, will tell.

Here’s the video, via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube:

H/T The Daily Beast | Image via joshbg2k/Flickr

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