White Cop Slams Handcuffed Hispanic Boy’s Head Off The Ground For ‘Borderline Disorderly Conduct’ (VIDEO)

An unidentified Phoenix police officer was caught on tape slamming a 16 year-old boy to the ground, his head smacking off of the pavement.  The boy was handcuffed at the time.

Josie Espinosa Lopez, the boy’s mother, posted the video on YouTube Wednesday after her son was mistreated by yet another cop with a tough guy syndrome.

The boy’s friend, asking if he’s under arrest, is told:

He will be shortly.  His conduct is borderline disorderly. So every time I tell him to do something and he does the opposite, I will maintain the control here.

Control is the key issue here.  The officer was responding to a call about loud noise when he confronted the boy, allegedly putting his fingers in the boy’s mouth.

Look, I’m sorry for not respecting you, I just didn’t respect you because you put your fingers in my mouth. That’s not sanitary. Why are you gonna put your fingers in my mouth?

Other than the allegation that his conduct was “borderline disorderly,” it doesn’t seem that the officer has any reason to harass the kid other than his need to feel superior and exert control.  It’s definitely worthy to note that the officer and his partner are both white patrolling what appears to be a largely hispanic neighborhood.

Here’s the original video as posted Wednesday:


H/T: Raw Story | Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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