Whiney Police Video Paints Police As The Victims Of Police Racism (VIDEO)

It’s only some cops. Most cops are good.

That is the mantra we hear after every single police shooting of an unarmed black man and while that might be true, it’s becoming increasingly clear that all cops, if they stay silent, have at least some culpability in nationwide institutional racism. Unfortunately, they don’t see it that way.

The conservative Independent Journal released a video of police complaining about how bad things are for them right now. People are being mean to them. One black officer complained that people have called him the “n” word. Another complained that a defendant spit at him. Most just generally complained.

While one officer said that “99 percent of every cop out there doesn’t wake up saying, ‘I’m gonna beat someone’s brains in today’ or ‘I’m gonna abuse my authority today,'” he said nothing about the cops that just stand by and watch, or worse, cover up, when a fellow officer does that. More importantly, this video is not a story of police losing their freedom or even their lives because of anti-cop sentiment. If only the same could be said of so many innocent black men. As for policing being a dangerous job, it’s really not.

Watch it below:

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