What This Mom Dying Of Cancer Did For Her Daughter Is An Amazing Example Of A Mother’s Love (VIDEO)

Wisconsin resident Heather McManamy is dying of cancer. She was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in 2013, and was given a terminal diagnosis in 2014. McManamy knows that her four-year-old daughter will grow up and live most of her life without her mommy, so McManamy is doing something amazing for her.

McManamy, 35, is writing cards for her daughter Brianna’s future achievements — achievements that she knows she won’t be around to celebrate with her. According to ABC News, McManamy’s cards share advice, jokes and wishes for her daughter’s happiness. She has also made videos for Brianna to watch when she is older.

McManamy tells ABC News:

I don’t care what she does in her life. I just want her to find her happiness. Life it short. If she’s true to herself, everything will be OK.

So far, McManamy has written over 40 cards for Brianna. McManamy says that if the cards make Brianna sad, she doesn’t have to open them. But she wants her to have them, in case she ever wants to read them.

Cancer survivorship is increasing steadily, but a cure is still a long way off. You can help Heather McManamy, and many others, by donating to the American Cancer Society.

Here’s a report on Heather McManamy’s project, from WMTV:

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