What This Man Did For His Local Gay Community Will Warm Your Heart: ‘Hate Will Not Be The Last Word’

As the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting settles down, we’ve seen many acts of solidarity and kindness. People are giving blood, including Muslims who are fasting during this month of Ramadan. Those who can’t donate are passing out drinks and snacks. Vigils and other shows of support have been going on all over the world. But, sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest impression.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, as David McCann read the names of the victims of the attack, he realized that he knew the man who was listed first. He had met him while on vacation. McCann was saddened and wanted to do something to honor his friend. So he went to The Fountainhead Pub, a popular spot in Vancouver’s gay village, a vibrant community in the heart of the city. There were 15 tables occupied with diners having lunch when he arrived. He spoke to the manager, Michel Duprat, and arranged to pay for every table’s tab.

The gesture was much more than just a free lunch. It was a way to say that hate can’t win, that kindness — personified in this act — is stronger. Instead of checks, the diners received the following note:

This came instead of a check. (submitted by Mikey Hollywood via CTV News, Vancouver)

This came instead of a check. (submitted by Mikey Hollywood via CTV News, Vancouver)

Most of the diners were moved to tears by the gesture. But McCann didn’t stop there. He also donated $1,000 to the victims’ support fund. The pub, which had been searching for a way to give, decided to match his donation.

McCann, holding back tears, told CTV News:

The conversation should be, ‘What can we do so these things don’t happen?’ We can make sure people that hate as much as (the Orlando shooter) did don’t win. That would be the tragedy.

The Fountainhead’s manager, Duprat, said that he felt “blessed” to have met McCann. “Violence and hate,” he said, “doesn’t conquer violence and hate, love does.”

Amen to that. What a great example of why Vancouver is such a wonderful city (full disclosure: I may be biased).

Here’s the video from CTV (the local story starts at 4:11):

Featured Image via CTV

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