What Do You Get When You Have Jesus Read Republican Quotes? Something VERY Disturbing (VIDEO)

Republicans love God. Wait, strike that. Republicans love to pretend to love God, otherwise they wouldn’t cherry pick the parts of the Bible they can use against women, minorities, the poor and those darn gay people rather than actually following the teachings of Christ…

Jesus, as we all know, was a heck of a guy.. Whether you believe he was real or you think he’s a construct of the mind of man, his message is one of peace, love and tolerance. While immeasurable cruelty has been carried out in his name, The man himself would never sanction it.

That’s why it’s so difficult to stomach when someone like Ted Cruz says God will be with him in the Oval Office just before he plans to carpet bomb innocent people until their country “glows in the dark.” It’s not easy to reconcile with Donald Trump declaring how much he loves the Bible when he has already all but ordered the murder of the families of terrorists.

It’s all very Godfather and it’s all very hypocritical. Luckily, Democrats and independents tend to be a little more realistic when it comes to picking someone to run a country by its constitution; without the role of religion at all.

In this clip, Jimmy Kimmel has Jesus read quotes from Republican candidates in what may very well be the most disturbing 2 minutes of YouTube you’ll see this week.

Watch Jesus go against all he believes in on Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

Featured image via screen capture

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