Crackpot Theocrat: ‘Militant Homosexual’ Persecution of Kim Davis Means End Is Near (VIDEO)

According to one South Carolina pastor, the arrest of Kim Davis for breaking the law and subsequent release means that “The End” is near and Christ is getting ready to return.

It’s for real this time guys, honest.

Kim Davis made headlines when she adamantly refused to fill out marriage licenses for same-sex couples. As a result, she found herself called before a court, held in contempt and subsequently jailed by that court. Her release was celebrated by Mike “hangs with child molesters” Huckabee and Ted “cruising for a government shutdown” Cruz, among others.

Of course, once burned, twice as stupid: Davis resumed her old habit of refusing to issue marriage licenses, and is back in trouble again.

For us normal people, who have lives and don’t spend every waking moment of every day obsessing over the Rapture or the end of the world, this is a sign that the system is doing its job.

But not everyone is a normal, right-headed adult who has a life.

Pastor Wendell Estep of the First Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina is one such person; he kicked off his Sunday sermon by claiming that Davis’ so-called persecution was actually a sign of the end times:

Are you surprised at how quickly the homosexual movement has become militant? I mean, there is a clerk in Kentucky who has been jailed for not going along or not agreeing. There is a baker in Washington who has been fined. There are florists around the country who have been fined because they do no participate in same-sex marriage.

He predicted that so-called “militant homosexuals” would be rampant during the end times, and that the Antichrist was going to establish a one-world government that was “anti-God.”

Estep then warned that we were seeing “some of this taking shape now even in our on country” because “We see that atheism is on the rise in our country.”

Estep then continued:

The clerk in Kentucky, I go back to, but she was put in jail. Why was that? Because there is no place for natural law in a secular society. In other words, you can believe what you wish within the confines of the walls of the church, but you can’t take it outside the church.

Folks, as we come to the End of Time and as the antichrist comes and establishes his kingdom, don’t think that things are going to be favorable to Christianity and favorable to God.

The entire end times mythology displays a staggering level of provincialism and ignorance about the human species, but the biggest drawback is that they never seem to arrive. Men like Estep have been preaching the end of time since the beginning of the 1st century.

And they’ll be preaching it well into the beginning of the 31st century at this rate.

Watch the video of Estep’s sermon below:

Feature image via Vimeo screen capture

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