WATCH What Happens When You Open Carry While Black (VIDEO)

Open carry is legal in the State of Oregon. This video illustrates the difference between how a white man and an African American man get treated while exercising that right. The first man, Warren (a white man), who is walking around Oregon with his AR-15 slung over his shoulder and police come up and have a nice chat with him. Warren even has his own YouTube channel–MarkedGuardian–to celebrate his love for weaponry and his Second Amendment rights.


The next man, a black man, is also casually meandering around Oregon–texting–with his AR-15 slung over his shoulder when he is confronted by police. A ridiculous number of police, in fact. Sirens and K-9 units surround the “perpetrator” who has already surrendered and is lying face down on the ground.  This man, who by state law has done absolutely nothing wrong, ends up being detained and his weapon confiscated.

Apparently, being black is illegal in Oregon.

WATCH it play out here:


Featured image is a screen capture from the video above.

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