WATCH: Unhinged Islamophobic Woman Flips Out On Brazilian-American Filmmaker (VIDEO)

If you still needed confirmation that the recent events in San Bernardino and Paris, coupled with the insane rhetoric of Donald Trump and his supporters, has sent some people over the edge, this video should provide the proof you need.

A YouTube filmmaker who goes by the name “Uh Oh Nick” posted a video to his Facebook page of an encounter he and another performer had with a very unhinged woman who accused them of being terrorists, among other things. Here’s how he describes what happened:

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UhOh Nick

There’s no good way to describe what happens in this video; you just have to watch it. This woman may not have been too stable to begin with — the things she says certainly make it look that way. This is the kind of person who doesn’t need to be exposed to Trump’s (and the other Republicans’) craziness. Nick gets a shot of her license plate, which says “Florida” (of course!). Since anybody who has been paying attention at all over the past few years knows what gun laws are like in that state, it’s a good thing she didn’t pull out a pistol and start shooting.

Here’s the video of this insane woman, via Facebook (CAUTION — lots of very strong language):

Featured image via Facebook screen capture

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