WATCH: Unbelievably Racist and Violently Angry White Man Threatens to Kill Black Americans (VIDEO)

Nathan Ener of Texas has since pulled this video down from his Facebook page. He didn’t, however, pull it down before over 150,000 people heard his malicious and violently racist threats against any black people who would dare to protest systemic racism in his state.

The basis of this violent rant was the tragic killing of Texas Deputy Darren Goforth. In the video, Ener instructs all white people to get involved even if all they use is a slingshot. He then lets them know that he, and others like him, would handle the rest. Later in the video he pulls out his shotgun, cocks it, and tells any black protestors that that sound would be the last they hear when he and others like him come into their homes.

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He specifically calls out the Black Panthers, #BlackLivesMatter and Sandra Bland by calling her a “freakin’ thug,” and stating that her life and the lives of “thugs” don’t matter. If you listen to the subtext of his ridiculous rant, you will realize that he is clearly defining “thugs” as anyone who would dare protest and march against systemic racism and white supremacy of which this video demonstrates he is a proponent.

Of course, he is going to swear he isn’t a racist. And of course, this throwback to the glory days of the Klan was probably in his Evangelical Conservative Christian church on Sunday. But what’s most disturbing about this video besides the violent threats is that if this man has children, he undoubtedly passed this same level of hate and racism down to another generation. So much for racism being gone.

Watch: Texas White Man Threatens to Kill Black Protesters


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