WATCH: TV Report On Drive-By Shooting Is Interrupted By Another Drive-By Shooting (VIDEO)

If you think that America doesn’t have a problem with gun violence, maybe this will convince you otherwise.

KOMO News reporter Kara Kostanich and her cameraman were standing on a street in Mount Vernon, Washington, preparing to do a report on a drive-by shooting, when suddenly, another drive-by shooting took place. On the video, Kostanich is seen looking at her phone, when a car horn is heard. Then a Chrysler minivan goes speeding by, followed by a silver Honda Accord. “That was weird,” the cameraman says.

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Shortly after the vehicles have vanished from the video, multiple gunshots can be heard. Both Kostanich and her photographer sought refuge in a local home. Neither was injured.

Apparently there were no other injuries in the shooting, although police say they did find bullet damage on a nearby house. Police hope to use the news footage to locate the drivers of the two vehicles.

Kostanich and the photographer were in the neighborhood to do a story about a drive-by shooting that took place overnight on Friday. Most people in the neighborhood were unwilling to talk about that shooting on camera, for fear of retaliation.

Welcome to America, where if you’re a reporter doing a story on an incident of gun violence, you just might find yourself in the middle of another story about gun violence.

Here’s video of the incident, via KOMO:

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