WATCH: Trump Knows He Lost The Debate, Poor Loser Snubs Moderator (VIDEO)

This video will haunt Donald Trump following the first presidential debate. Why? Because the man who claimed the “winning personality,” a “better” personality than Hillary Clinton many times proved without a doubt that his sore-loser ass knows he lost.


Well, the way any childish buffoon without any clue what “good sportsmanship” does, really. When it comes down to it, they snub off those that they blame for their loss — someone that is nearly never themselves. In this case, it was the debate moderator Lester Holt, who future Trump-tantrums will probably name as “unfair” or “biased” if this behavior is any indication.

When it came time to shake the moderator’s hand, say the pleasantries and act like a grown up Trump just wandered off. You can clearly see him queuing up behind Clinton, who smiles broadly and shakes Lester’s hand. But it seems that Trump just can’t stand looking at Holt, or Clinton, (or both). His face really telegraphs emotions of anger and dissatisfaction, and when Holt goes to reach for Trump he finds him absent. Trump glances back, raising an eyebrow and dismissing Holt completely.

We are all very used to smug, triumphant, cat got the canary Trump faces, his mad and happy faces, we know what they look like. This was a shrunken man, a man who appeared to know he was beat and was looking for a quiet place to lick his wounds and blame someone else for the loss.

But, a video is worth a thousand words, right?:

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