WATCH: This Leaked Walmart Anti-Union Propaganda Video Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed (VIDEO)

Walmart has long been famous for being anti-union, but their methods of keeping unions at bay have always been secret– at least until now.

A Walmart employee training video has been leaked to the internet and naturally, it’s going viral.

Interestingly, this video is hitting the interwebz at the exact same time that the government is rumored to be invading Texas with its Jade Helm 15 military training exercise. The invasion rumors have been fueled in part by the fact that Walmart has suddenly closed five stores nationwide, two of which are in Texas.

They didn’t close the stores so the government can sweep up gun nuts and lock them in low, low priced FEMA camps, though. They closed up shop because the unions were moving in. To Texans, that’s only slightly less scary than an Obama army.

In the video, Walmart calls itself “pro-associate” and says that being non-union is better for worker’s rights because workers can go directly to management without having to go through someone whose job it is to protect their rights.

It also makes the sort of subtle but very clear point that if someone wants to unionize, the door is over there and there are plenty of people behind it willing to do the job without the protection of greedy horrible unions.

It also shows an older gentleman who says he used to work for a union and they took dues out of his check- just like taxes. *shudder* Apparently, now he prefers to get paid less upfront and not pay those pesky union dues.

Here’s the video:

Walmart apparently took the video down, but not before Gawker got ahold of it. You can watch it here.

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