WATCH: The Gun Control Video That Made 2nd Amendment Advocates Think Twice (VIDEO)

States United To Prevent Gun Violence set up a storefront in New York City specializing in gun sales to first time buyers. What the people who came didn’t know was that these weren’t your typical off-the-shelf weapons.

Every gun in the store came with a tag that explained who owned it and who was killed with it.  From the five-year-old who shot his little brother to the 2-year-old who shot her mother in Walmart, each gun came with a story that turned an excited first-time interest into a morbid lesson in the unnecessary deaths caused by guns in America.

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On leaving the store the eager buyers were interviewed, and the results are a harrowing lesson in reality.

“Sure, it’s one of our rights,” said one woman, who had entered the store with her husband to buy a weapon for protection, “but now I just don’t…I don’t feel safe owning a gun.”

The decision to buy a gun shouldn’t come lightly, it shouldn’t come without training, and it shouldn’t come with excitement and joy.

Maybe if everyone who went to buy their first gun was faced with the reality of standing 3 feet from the assault rifle Adam Lanza used to kill 26 people at an elementary school in Connecticut, they’d think twice.

Gun store shows murder weapons to first-time buyers.

Featured Image: Screen Capture From YouTube

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