WATCH: The President’s Group Hug With Clever Girl Scouts That Has Right-Wingers Outraged (VIDEO)

President Obama was extremely impressed with a troop of Girl Scouts who presented a clever invention to him and his staff at the White House. Built from Legos, the girls came up with an invention to turn pages for people with arthritis.

When the President asked how they came up with such a great idea, one of the girls answered “we had a brainstorming session.” Another girl asked him if he ever had a brainstorming session and what he came up with.  He replied:

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I have had a couple brainstorming session but I didn’t come up with anything this good. I came up with things like, you know. . . healthcare.

Our President is always good for a chuckle.

After the presentation the President opened his arms wide and said “group hug.” The girls gleefully obliged.

The story has appeared now on several websites and Facebook pages, where the reaction from the right is predictably reprehensible. How dare the President engage in such activities and hug a group of scouts who clearly support the gay agenda and abortion?

Maybe because he’s a kind and reasonable man, and they’re six.

President Obama gives clever Girl Scouts a group hug after praising their invention.  Right-wingers outraged.

H/T: Mashable’s YouTube Channel | Image: Screen Capture From Video

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