Watch The Infuriating Moment A Company Tells 1,400 Employees Their Jobs Are Going To Mexico (VIDEO)

I am so sick of the idea that just because businesses have the goal of making profits it excuses them for any reprehensible thing they do in order to help their bottom line. Since when is it okay to have no moral compass? How the hell have we drifted so far that these companies, even for a second, believe that these extremely anti-American actions are even remotely acceptable?

Enter United Technologies Corp., owner of both the Carrier Corporation and United Technologies Electronic Controls (UTEC), who just announced to their workers in Indianapolis, Indiana, that they will be closing up shop and shipping 1,400 jobs to Mexico. According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, the Fortune 500 company which has over $65 billion in revenue opened the plant in the 1950s and will begin laying off workers next year and continue until the plant is closed in 2019.

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At least one employee captured the lay-off announcement on video and then posted it to YouTube. Chris Nelson, president of Carrier says:

The best way to stay competitive and protect the business for longterm is to move production from our facility in Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico.

The crowd erupts in anger and frustration, some workers even yelling profanity. And who could blame them? The average union wage for the workers employed at this plant is $23 per hour, four times the pay of manufacturing jobs in Mexico.

With 1,399 other workers now entering the marketplace looking for good paying jobs, the likelihood of finding something equal to their current pay is slim. And, they know it.

The Carrier executive is obviously clueless though, as he continues to spew corporate speak about maintaining an affordable product and providing superior customer service… because clearly every person in that room at that moment cares about the future of a company that was built by their blood, sweat and tears, but would abandon them for nothing more than greed. (Remember $65 BILLION in revenue).

I want to be clear this is strictly a business decision.

And, I want to be clear – You. Are. Assholes.

American companies who ship good jobs to other countries for slave wages, should not be permitted to do business in the United States. Period. Enough of this wishy-washy “it’s capitalism” bullshit. No! Just stop!

Chris Jones, president of United Steelworkers Local 1999, said this decision was a surprise. He also said:

Because of corporate greed, 1,300 of our members and their families have a hell of a price to pay.

In the last three decades the income divide has grown as a result of unfettered greed. That greed has swallowed small businesses, produced a monster like Wal-mart, spun many of the middle class into poverty and sent a countless number of jobs overseas.

This isn’t patriotic. This isn’t American.

Watch 1,400 people learn they are losing their jobs so a corporate CEO can make more money, here:

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