Watch The Footage Texas Cops Attempted — And FAILED — To Delete Of Unlawful Arrest (VIDEO)

David Amad, an open carry advocate, was traipsing around Houston, Texas, holding a protest sign and strapped with an AR-15 when he was stopped and questioned by local authorities. The authorities approached his car asking for identification. Amad did not have ID on his person at the time and stated so.

If ever an officer asks an individual to identify themselves, they are required by law to do so. This, however, does not excuse an officer to act with impunity, even if the individual they are questioning happens to be a raging ammosexual hell-bent on pushing the law to the extreme.

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While Amad complied with everything the officer asked of him, the officer attempted to delete the video…and utterly failed! The officer, who remains unidentified, is a member of the Houston Police Department and stated that recording him was illegal, which is not true. He began to place Amad under arrest and attempted to turn off the video, but it continued recording the incident.

Amad was released and “un-arrested” (which is not a real thing) without any charges being pressed. An internal investigation is underway, and a spokesman for the department refused to comment until it is complete.

See the video below:


H/T: Examiner

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