WATCH: The Daily Show Humiliated This Infamous Bigot On The Transgender Bathroom ‘Issue’ (VIDEO)

Gordon Klingershmitt is a religious zealot from Colorado looking to save the world from the evils of transgender people. According to him transgender men are looking to infiltrate the bathrooms of Olive Gardens where they can attack, rape and murder women and their little girls.

That’s not satire, he actually said it; Olive Garden and all. He’s under the impression that transgender people are somehow “liars” who are looking to spread the lie to the American public, lulling us into a false sense of security so they can urinate next to us while laughing maniacally.

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As one of the transgender people in this interview with The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams points out, there has never been a single instance of the kind of assault or violence Klingershmitt is talking about. Typically, just like everyone else, transgender people use the bathroom when they need to pee.

The assault on the community is ridiculous, fear-based rhetoric with no place in our ever-evolving society. Jessica Williams does a fantastic job of making that abundantly clear:

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