WATCH: Texas Teachers Humiliate Special Ed Students With ‘Ghetto Awards’ (VIDEO)

A middle school in Texas is under fire for an apparently years-old tradition of handing out “Ghetto Classroom” awards to special education students.

It was brought to the attention of media after a student showed his grandmother, Debra Jose, a certificate that said he received the “Huh?” award.

‘I had to take a second look. I was like, really? How could a teacher put this on there? …Did she just say ghetto on a certificate that she was giving my grandson?’ Jose wondered.

A picture of the award was shared on Facebook. Turned out, other parents didn’t ‘get the joke’ either. It did not take long for Sulphur Springs Superintendent Michael Lamb to hear about it.

Lamb describes his initial reaction, ‘Shocked. Shocked. Truly, it goes in layers… You kind of ask yourself, had anything else been used, the ‘teacher’s name’ award, would it start to seem more acceptable. The ‘huh?’ award just begs questions. And then the 8th annual brings questions too.’

Source: CBS 46

The certificate was signed by the two teachers, Mrs. Garner and Mr. Couch, as well as the principal, who says he didn’t sign it.

Last year alone, the award was reportedly given to 60 kids. The school says it’s investigating, but I have a really difficult time believing that this is the first the school has heard of this despicable practice. It’s hard to know which is more offensive, the fact that they’re called “ghetto” awards or the apparent mockery of special ed kids.

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CBS46 News

Featured image via CBS 46 video screen capture.

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