WATCH: Texas Ammosexual Tries To Execute A Purse Snatcher–Shoots At Him As He Runs Away (VIDEO)

In an absolutely ridiculous moment of vigilante Texas justice, a woman with a gun decided she would convict an alleged purse snatcher of a capital crime and attempt to execute him on the spot.

The man, who was being held by what looks like typical people trying to catch a crook, manages to get away and starts running when the woman fires her weapon, barely able to handle the recoil. The man fell to the ground but wasn’t hit, as the “hero” couldn’t control her weapon well enough to hit a target a mere few feet away. He was recaptured and arrested while the woman fled in her pickup truck.

Conservatives will take this same exact story and call this woman things like “Patriot” and “good guy (or girl) with a gun.” What she actually is, is much more difficult to describe, but here goes: She is a lunatic. She fired a weapon in a Walmart parking lot without regard for human life. She obviously couldn’t handle the gun, making her far more dangerous than an unarmed man who tried to jack a purse.

She’s lucky nobody was killed.

Watch raw video of a woman trying to execute a man for theft below:

Featured image via screen capture 

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