Watch Stupid White McKinney Resident Say Cop ‘Deserves Medal’ for Pulling Gun On Black Teens

For all that is holy (or at least somewhat sane), can we please go a day without being bombarded with some god awful footage of cops brutalizing black teens! I am not saying that we need to go a week, but a day seems pretty reasonable.

For those of us who use social media, a lot of justifiable frustration is being raised in the wake of a viral video that shows police officer Eric Casebolt going full Rambo on a bunch of unarmed black teens in a Texas suburb. During what now has to be the worst pool party ever, Officer “Racist McKillington” forcefully threw a girl onto the ground, then pulled out and briefly aimed his gun at the group of black teens around him. He then proceeded to slam and hold the young girl’s head against the grassy field. Bear in mind that this girl was wearing only a bikini and most likely wasn’t concealing any major weapons in it. Not that I ever tried it, but I imagine it being very difficult and weird to do when attending a local pool party bash.

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We already know that the officer in question gained the attention of hacktivist group Anonymous, which is not something you ever want. And while many residents say that the officer was totally out of line and went overboard, one complete and utter waste of space said that not only was the officer’s actions just, but that he “deserve’s a medal.” But even if this woman is willing to look a fool and potentially racist, she’s not wiling to give her name. What a hero! I guess being rational and from Texas are very hard to do at the same time.

Watch the CNN interview with the woman below:


Featured image via Screen capture from Youtube

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