WATCH: Students Shamed, Removed From Class For Not Praying In PUBLIC SCHOOL (VIDEO)

The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit against Swainsboro Primary School in Swainsboro, Georgia on behalf of two students abused by Christian teachers, bent on disobeying the Constitution.

The shame campaign and religious assault on the children, a kindergartener and a first-grade student, began after the parents contacted the school because the staff was violating the separation of church and state by leading classes in Christian prayer during the school day. The children were subject to announcements of their lack of belief in class, separation from peers, proselytizing by teachers and a what appears to be a concerted effort to force the older child to just break down, conform, and join the prayer.

The first grader was told by his teacher, an authority figure, and government funded employee, that his mother was “a bad person” for not believing in the Christian God.

For the details, here is TYT covering the particulars of the lawsuit and alleged activities by the christo-fascist staff at these unfortunate children’s elementary school:


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