WATCH: Southern Man Brilliantly SCHOOLS America On Racism And White Privilege (VIDEO)

Here’s something that you don’t see every day, but we should. This video is from YouTube user “W Honky.” The person in the video is unknown and not identified in the video other than the W.Honky” moniker.

But the content is fantastic. This man simply and clearly breaks down the existence and causes behind racism and white privilege in plain everyday language.

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The man then goes on to dispel any myths about reverse racism or any similar nonsense. He pleads with what is assumed to be a southern, white and conservative christian audience to “man up and woman up” and recognize the facts and do something to end the hate.

But unlike many videos or rants of this type, this comes from “inside the tent” vs an outside agitator or someone without much credibility in conservative circles like Al Sharpton or other liberal commentators.

I could describe this man’s great diatribe on race relations but you are better off to hear it for yourself. This definitely  shows one cannot judge a book by its cover, and there is always indeed hope.

Watch HERE:

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