WATCH: Shepherd Smith Slams Other Fox ‘News’ Hosts For Racist ‘Dog Whistles’ (VIDEO)

Baltimore has been erupting for the past 24 hours. After the funeral for Freddie Gray, the Baltimore man who died in police custody in very mysterious and possibly sinister circumstances, Baltimore has literally been set on fire. It has gotten to the point where the National Guard has been called in. There is now a curfew to be imposed tonight at 10 p.m. as well.

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Of course over on Fox, they are covering the Baltimore situation as well. And as you might expect, the familiar cast of characters are throwing out the usual red meat to their rabid base. But there has been one Fox “News” host brave enough to call out his co-hosts for spewing their scripted nonsense: Shepherd Smith.

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Although he’s certainly not who we generally look to for the truth, because he’s usually, well…wrong…in a rare moment of clarity it seems, Smith called out the hosts from the Fox show The Five by firmly smacking them down for their racist dog whistles.

Smith also took issue with the fact that The Five hosts attempted to blame prominent civil rights leaders for not being there. (But we all know as soon as they do show up, Fox will be mocking Al, Jessie and other civil right leaders for being there).

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They also attempted to indict the parents of the rioters in a bizarre twist.

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Well, today at least, Shepard Smith would have none of it. He told them that their racist analysis was dead wrong.

Kudos to Shepherd Smith for exercising great journalistic judgement for once in the middle of a rabid mob (not in Baltimore, but rather in the Fox “News” studio).

Watch the video below.

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