Watch: Sexually Harassed Indian Girls Fight Back Against Attackers On Bus (VIDEO)

India has a major problem with discrimination against women — and it begins even before birth.  Indians prefer sons, mostly due to the high price of a marriage dowry.

Girls are often aborted so parents can try again for a boy.  The life of an Indian girl can be a dismal one if she isn’t from a family of privilege, and even then it’s a rocky road.

A pair of sisters were recently returning from college on a bus when they were harassed, one of them physically, by three male passengers.  These girls were having none of that though!

The sisters, without a smidgen of assistance from the other passengers on the jam-packed bus, railed against their assailant, using fists, feet and even a belt.  The men seemed to be mostly unaffected by their self-defense, but still they fought on.

Some may see a story like this as insignificant and not worth their time, but it’s a testament to the direction the world is headed.  Equality isn’t something we as a species should take lightly.

These young women and their bravery just might spark the kind of movement a place like India needs desperately.

One way or the other the world needs to wake up to the issues of racism, sexism and hate.  It’s time we all evolve.


H/T: | Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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