WATCH: Sexist Man Calls Woman Prostitute For How She Dressed, Until Another Woman Kicks His *ss (VIDEO)

Over the last few years, a new phrase has entered our vernacular: “slut shaming.” Many, if not all women have experience slut shaming. It is when someone judges a woman for acting in a way or wearing clothing that might be “too” enticing to men. Slut shamers blame women when they are catcalled or even raped.

Victim blaming is nothing new, and it has become rather mainstream in recent years even with the greater awareness being brought to it in the media. Apparently women everywhere must bear the responsibility for men who want to harass and assault them.

Recently, a video has gone viral about a man slut shaming a woman over the clothing she chose to wear. The man literally calls a woman a prostitute for wearing a crop top, leggings and high heels. He even said, “people wonder why women get raped and abused,” when they dress like her.

Obviously, the exchange caught a lot of attention from the crowd that was around them at the time, in particular one young woman who was not going to stand for his behavior.

This is a social experiment and few men are this blatant in their slut shaming, but perhaps this will show some people that a woman’s body belongs to her.

Watch the video of this sexist nitwit getting completely owned below:

Featured Image courtesy of screen capture.

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