WATCH: Reporter Publicly Shames Racist Cop Exposing Her History Of Incompetence And F*ckery (VIDEO)

Chicago police officer Morsi Murphy is currently at the center of a police brutality investigation in which she and her partner, Jose Lopez, brutalized and terrorized a black female pastor and her two small children.

Local CBS Now 2 Investigator Dave Savini managed to track Murphy down while she was leaving a store returning to her personal vehicle. The reporter attempted to get a statement from Murphy regarding her current misconduct investigation as well as at least two other incidents which took place within the same year.

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Unfortunately, the off-duty officer was a little shy and did not answer questions. But it would seem that her police work speaks for itself.

In one incident, Murphy arrested and had a woman charged with Felony possession of a controlled substance. After the woman had spent a night in jail, she was released after it was discovered that the “controlled substance” in question was a prescription for her 84-year-old mother. It turned out that she had just picked up the prescription just before being stopped by Murphy.

And the drugs in question were in a clearly labeled prescription bottle that was still inside the Walgreens bag.

It’s scary when you stop and think about how many times law abiding citizens pick up their family member’s medications not knowing that they could face erroneous drug charges as a result.

But the incident that truly highlights Murphy’s astounding incompetence took place while she was off-duty inside a 7-11 store. Murphy called 9-1-1 to report a robbery taking place inside the store.

I see a knife,” Murphy told a 911 operator.

Murphy went on to describe the suspects to the operator:

In a gray hoodie, a white guy,” she said, at one point. At another point, she said, “He’s Mexican,” and, “There’s three male blacks.

Murphy’s anxiety was audible during the 9-1-1 call as she nervously narrated the events as they unfolded:

Oh my God,” she said to the 9-1-1 operator. “They’re getting in the car. They’re getting in the car.

Embarrassingly the 9-1-1 operator had to calm Murphy down by reminding her that she was a police officer and needed to show more composure:

You’re an officer. Let’s behave like an officer,” said the operator.

Murphy replied, “Yes, ma’am.

The off-duty officer then followed the men to the scene of what she described as another robbery:

I guarantee you they robbed this gas station,” Murphy said.

On-duty officers eventually stopped the car and cornered the suspects with their weapons drawn. The three men were pulled from their vehicle, handcuffed, questioned, and searched.

At that point Murphy must have felt like it was a job well done, perhaps even picturing a special commendation for her heroic “beyond the call of duty” efforts.

But once again the facts yielded a much different story.

The knife wielding suspect at the 7-11 store wasn’t robbing the store nor was he even carrying a knife. Surveillance footage doesn’t show the clerk in any distress, nor did the employee call 9-1-1. The man was only buying snacks.

As for the second robbery location, according to records from the Illinois Police Review Authority, the three men didn’t rob the other gas station, in fact, they never even stopped at the gas station.

But just imagine had Murphy been armed and confronted the men?

In 2013, Murphy and her partner were speeding down an alleyway behind Reverend Catherine Brown’s home when her vehicle almost collided with Brown’s as the pastor was returning home with her kids.

According to Brown, Murphy immediately jumped out of the vehicle and started cursing and shouting at her.

The lady officer jumps out of the car. And says ,’B*tch, move that f*cking car back,” said Brown.

Panicked Brown instinctively reaches for her licenses; that’s when Murphy pulls out her gun and aims it at her head.

The pastor then calls 9-1-1 requesting that a supervisor, but instead of waiting, Murphy started trying to force the pastor’s door open. That’s when Brown put her vehicle in reverse and backed out of the alley out of fear for her life.

Now [they are] chasing me with the car,” Brown said. “I come to a complete stop, and [Morsi Murphy] takes the car and rams it into me.

Dashcam video shows Brown partially standing outside her car trying to draw the attention of her neighbors to come and be her witnesses. Suddenly Murphy shoots pepper spray into Brown’s face, also making contact with her one-year-old son in the back seat.

The video also captures Lopez standing next to Murphy as she delivered the pepper spray, the officer looks back toward the camera with a sadistic smile. It becomes apparent that they are both having fun.

racist cop

Image Screengrab via YouTube.

Murphy then jumped on a nearby parked car and aimed her pistol and flashlight at Brown, while arriving officers began to drag Brown out of her car in a manner beneath all human decency:

[They] beat me down to my underwear, pulled my skirt off me,” Brown said. “They beat me with the sticks and hit me with their boots in my head.

Brown was initially charged with attempted murder because Murphy claimed the pastor dragged her when she reversed her car out of the alley. However, the pastor was acquitted of those charged but instead suffered a conviction for misdemeanor reckless driving, which she’s currently appealing.

The IPRA is currently looking into reopening Brown’s case.

As for the prescription arrest, the victim filed a federal lawsuit against both Murphy and the city of Chicago. The suit was settled out of court.

And Murphy only received a 30-day suspension for the false robbery fiasco.

During her ten years on the force, Murphy’s had 19 complaints. And CBS 2 reports that the city has been uncooperative with regarding their requests for the records detailing all of the citizen complaints against Murphy.

Expect Fox News to whine about this case, adding it to their “War on Cops” delusion.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube.


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