WATCH: Racists Break Into The Home Of Texas A&M Black Student And Terrorize Her With Lynching Threats,’Let’s Hang A N****r'(VIDEO)

After returning home from spring break, a Texas A&M Corpus Christi student made a frightening discovery in her apartment. The African-American female found threatening racial slurs and terrorizing messages plastered all over her walls.

Images acquired by KRIS-TV, shows a drawing of a  hanging man with the words, “lets hang a n****r” beside it. On another wall, the student found death threats saying, “Die n****r. Where is your protector? White Power.”

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Since the recent outbreak of racism on college campuses, Corpus Christi Police Chief Floyd Simpson held a press conference Monday evening to discuss findings, and possible suspects in this case. The police chief announced:

Quite frankly, we think we have a bead on some people who may be involved in this. The best thing they can do is come forward, and have a discussion about this, and let us bring this to a logical conclusion.

University officials reported that they will not take an active role in this case because  the incident happened off campus in an apartment complex not connected to the school. Nevertheless, university police will assist if further investigation is needed on campus.

According to KRIS-TV, the victim has been relocated to another complex to ensure her safety, and possible charges for the crime include burglary, criminal mischief, and making terrorist threats.

Watch the incident from KRIS-TV, below:


H/T: KRIS-TV| Featured Image: Video Screenshot

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