WATCH: ‘Period’ Is A Naughty Word In NYC Transit System (VIDEO)

According to George Carlin, there are seven words you can’t say on television (look at it here), but according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, there is at least one more word that should be on that list: “Period.” 

Thinx, a company that advertises themselves as offering period panties for modern women had their advertisements rejected as too risque for NY subways. Even ads showing an egg or a grapefruit were rejected as having connotations that were unacceptable regardless of context (fruit and eggs are banned now too?).

In a world where roughly half the population has bled once a month on the regular, or will do so at some point in their life, the New York City’s transit authority (MTA) thinks the word “period” is just too risque for New Yorkers. It may even cause children who read the word to become curious and ask their parents what a “period” is.

If you are currently thinking that this is a huge mound of steaming bulls*it, you would be correct.

Here is Hannah Cranston’s segment on TYT:


Feature image via screen capture from Thinx Website, altered


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