WATCH: Blubbering ‘Patriot’ Sends Message To His Family: He’s Going To Die In Oregon

If you’ve never seen or heard of Jon Ritzheimer before, you’re in for a real treat. This was the guy who organized an armed “protest” of a mosque in Arizona. Shortly thereafter he asked for the internet to give him $10M to upgrade the security at his home, because he was sure he was going to die and wanted his wife and kids to be safe.

He didn’t get the 10 mill, which is good since rumor has it Tony Stark wasn’t available to discuss his defenses.

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Ritzheimer has since injected himself into the media whenever possible, so when his picture came up associated with the Bundys and their hostile takeover of a supply shed in the middle of nowhere, I had no choice but to click.

“Ritzheimer gives another epic performance” should have been the title, but then again the performance wasn’t really that epic. Poor Jon cries as he talks to his wife, whom he’s “very proud” of, and explains to his young daughters that “Daddy swore an oath” to run off to the woods and take up arms against the government to protect people who broke the law by breaking even more laws.

But it’s OK. His family will be fine, because he shall die a free man, and that’s all that really matters. He really does just make a complete fool of himself.


Watch “Oathkeeper” Jon Ritzheimer make a fool of himself on camera…again…below:

Featured image via screen capture

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