WATCH: Off-Duty Cop Savagely Beats Teenager – His Own Dept. Tells Family To File Charges (VIDEO)

An off-duty cop beat a teenager so ferociously at Mardi Gras that his own department has encouraged the boy’s family to file charges.

17-year-old Brady Becker “exchanged words” with Jefferson Parish, LA Deputies last Friday, which ended with Becker, a star football player for his Catholic High School, on the ground taking a beating no person should have to endure.

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The video shows an unnamed deputy throwing Becker to the ground, wrestling his hands to submission.  When Becker tried to raise his hands to defend himself, the cop grabs him by the throat and punches him in the face no less than four times.

In the background girls, presumably friends of Becker, can be heard screaming.

The teenager was treated at a local hospital for lacerations before being booked into Jefferson County Correctional Facility on charges of minor in possession of alcohol, battery of a police officer, and resisting arrest.

Possession of alcohol by a minor is definitely illegal, but did it warrant this kind of beating?  One of the most disturbing images from the video is the cop hauling Becker away, nearly unconscious, one hand firmly on his gun.

When you see someone with this kind of power trip happening you just know he’s hoping the kid will give him a reason to use it.

Becker being charged with battery of a police officer is presumably because he thrust his face into the officer’s fist four or more times.

While resisting arrest of course.

H/T: The Free Thought Project | Image: Screen capture from YouTube

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