Watch: NYPD Killer Filmed Cops Harassing Him – A Stepping Stone To Madness? (VIDEO)

Ismaaiyl Brinsley, the man who brutally murdered two New York City police officers, had a long arrest record and a definitive hatred for cops.

His descent into madness that culminated in a double murder may be impossible to understand, but one thing is for sure; Brinsley felt like a victim.

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This video, taken from his Facebook page before it was taken down, shows Brinsley may have been justified in those feelings, at least this one time.  Singled out on a bus, Brinsley is subjected to a K-9 search, informed he has no rights, and illegally forced to stop recording.

The cop brings his dog to Brinsley’s bag, the dog sniffs and seems to not care.  The cop brings the dog back, again it doesn’t seem to care.  After a few minutes the cop returns without the dog and informs Brinsley that the dog “indicated on his bag,” giving him probable cause to search, no questions asked.

When Brinsley points out that the dog didn’t seem to indicate the cop answers have you been through K-9 training?  If not you don’t know how my dog indicates.”

That pretty much says it all.  Whether or not a police dog indicates is irrelevant.  If the cop says he indicated, your rights are null and void.  The 4th amendment just went right out the window.

This certainly isn’t a reason to kill your girlfriend and two innocent police officers because you have a death wish, but it may give us a small glimpse into the mindset of a madman.

Watch the video below:

H/T: The Free Thought Project | Image: Screengrab from video

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