Watch: New Campbell’s Ad With 2 Dads Has Christians Terrified Of Chicken Soup (VIDEO)

Campbell’s Soup is producing a series of ads that depict “real, real life.” The company understands that while a 30-second spot of a mom and a dad fawning over their child is touching, in today’s day and age it’s just as touching to watch a dad and a dad try to out-do each others’ Darth Vader impressions.

Since posting the ad on YouTube, Campbell’s has been inundated with hateful statements from “Christians” claiming that God will smite anyone who enjoys a bowl of chicken corn chowder. Their social media team is busy deleting (and hopefully reporting) comments from bigots, fools and Christian zealots — as if there’s a difference between them, who can’t help but add useful insights like:

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“The wrong side won WWII.”


“Why are you pandering to the f*ggots when there [sic] only 1% of your customers?”

The point isn’t how many people buy Campbell’s Soup. The point is that Campbell’s Soup is progressive enough to include everyone in an ever-evolving society in their marketing.

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Watch Campbell’s Soup promote real life in this great new ad that has Christians outraged.

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