WATCH: Million Student March Organizer Opens Can Of Whoop A** On Fox News Host

Million Student March organizer and Bernie Sanders‘ supporter Darlette Scruggs went completely off script during an interview with Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto on Thursday afternoon. . . and it was beautiful.

Scruggs is a Bernie Sanders supporter and a strong advocate for the ideas he champions, such as free education for all and debt forgiveness. Cavuto repeatedly asked her how she thought the United States would pay for all of these things.

In hindsight, Cavuto may regret his decision to press her and continually try to twist facts to support his agenda, because this young lady had an unlimited supply of facts at the ready. Every time he spit out a line of bullshit to explain why free education simply couldn’t be a fiscal possibility, she smacked him down with a tongue lashing of truth.

There is money there, if we can pull a trillion dollars to say oh, we need more nuclear weapons than obviously there is money lying around,” Scruggs said, “The fact that I have to get on here and argue for education is asinine!

Over and over she explained multiple ways to provide education to all American citizens. Cavuto, like most conservatives, had reason after reason why spending even a dime on anything besides war is a waste of money. But Scruggs never backed down and left Cavuto squirming.

The interview appears below in three segments, each more heated than the last:

Featured image via video screen capture

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