WATCH: Middle School Teacher Arrested For Allowing Kids To Have Sex In The Classroom (SCREENSHOTS/VIDEO)

These days, parents often don’t want to be accused of “snooping” or of invading the privacy of their children. However, sometimes this so-called breach of privacy could help keep not just their own children safe, but others as well. This is the definitely in this case of absolutely appalling behavior by a teacher at The Champion School, a Middle School in Stone Mountain, Georgia. If not for a vigilant parent checking her son’s text messages, this all might still be going on. The parent, who asked to remain anonymous, said:

 I was in a state of disbelief when I read all these messages. Basically he’s allowing the students to have sex in a storage room in his classroom.

The teacher, Quinton Wright, has been charged with 4 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was arrested Friday after the parent reported what she had found to police and removed her son from the school earlier that day. What she found were messages like this:

Credit: screen capture via

Credit: screen capture via

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The teacher allegedly also sent the student a copy of the faculty schedule so they could avoid being seen or caught:


The texts, according to the mother, indicated her 14-year-old son could have sex in the classroom from 7:30 to 8:30. In one text, the teacher asked the teenager if he told the girl what was going to happen and that she could not tell anyone. Another text indicated the teacher did not have condoms to provide. The mother was rightfully sickened, saying:

It’s very sickening and disheartening because we trust administrators and educators when we drop our kids off at school.

In addition to all that, according to the mother, the teacher had done some strange things in the past, not typical of a teacher. For example, she says that Mr. Wright had called her asking permission to come to their house in order to take and be in pictures with the kids before a school dance. The mom refused the creepy request.

This all took place in Stone Mountain, Georgia last week. The identities of the minors involved have not been and are not expected to be released.

Check out this local report on the case HERE:


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