WATCH: Michelle Duggar Accepting ‘Mom Of The Year’ Awards Will Make Your Head Spin (VIDEO)

Just when we thought the train wreck of fraud that is the Duggar family was coming to an end, here come more revelations about the sleazy clan. We have heard about how Josh had “inappropriate sexual contact with his minor sister.”  We learned about how they covered it up via their personal relationship with Mike Huckabee in a back room – good ole boy deal. We learned that the alleged rehab wasn’t really rehab at all and that the guy who was his alleged mentor through that had his own problems keeping away from the youngins.

We found that out just last week, and as a result of the revelations, the judge destroyed the records, probably making any prosecution impossible, or at least less likely.

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Then we found old statements by the dad talking about everything from installing filters on computers to keep out the nasty stuff to trying to make it a law to execute molesters.

This, at least in the “I think I need to go take a shower now” category, might either rival some of the previous transgressions (sans the original crime and cover up) or top them, even if just by a little. This isn’t about Josh or the dad. this is about mother Michelle and how she went around accepting accolades and awards while covering up Josh’s transgressions. All with a sincere looking face – so sincere and seemingly genuine, it will make one question a lot.

As Raw Story reports:

At the same time that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were covering up the fact that their eldest son Josh was molesting young girls — including his sisters — the mother of 19 was traveling around the country accepting awards for being “Mother of the Year.”

One of the awards she received was from a pastor who later left his ministry after admitting to adultery.

The report goes on to talk about her being featured in a 2004 profile entitled “What A Mother!” A program CBS did because of her award wins that captured their attention. Other programs feature a 16-year-old Josh gleefully talking about his younger siblings.

But perhaps the worst is from a 2010 Awards ceremony.  Michelle Duggar was honored by the Vision Forum Ministries of  Texas at their “Baby Conference.”

“Michelle Duggar is the real deal,” said Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum Ministries. “She embodies the very best of a Christian role model for women. She is a highly intelligent and gracious woman of God and a capable and faithful helpmeet to her husband Jim Bob. As a mother, Michelle is singular. She has modeled for millions a passion for God’s gift of the fruit of the womb and a tenderness and wisdom in raising her 19 children that have been downright inspiring.”

Watch HERE:

All of this was happening while Michelle and her husband were covering up alleged heinous crimes. Think about that while all those little girls are “thanking Michelle” for being such a bold and shining example of what “godliness” is … or something like that. Michelle in turn tells the adoring audience that she hopes everyone will raise children by their example.


Watching this might show Michelle to be the biggest hypocrite in the family. Not only was she covering up molestation in her family, she was going out and talking as if she was some pure and godly vessel. The kind of vessel everyone should emulate.

Again I say, really?

One final note. That guy giving Michelle the award in 2010 was found in 2013 to be having an “an inappropriate extra-marital relationship with a woman.” according to rawstory. He was thrown out of the church and donations dried up.

Interesting how all these “people of God” are on one hand patting each other on the back but one by one they are found out to be total frauds. Old cliches about foxes guarding hen houses come to mind.

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