WATCH: Miami Woman Films Assault By Crazy Racist Spawning Viral MoveMojito Hashtag

Rayne Burse was out walking her small dog named Mojito on Saturday when an older white woman started following and harassing her for no reason.

She kept following me talking crazy,” Burse told “That’s when I decided that I shouldn’t lead this lady back to my house and instead record her actions in hopes that she’ll retreat back to hers.

Burse started filming the woman after repeated attempts to ask her harasser to leave her alone. She posted this video of the confrontation on Twitter.

In the video, Burse questioned the woman as to why she was following her, and she replied: “Because you’re part of South Miami.” Many people speculated on Twitter that “South Miami” is a reference meaning that Burse is a minority walking in the wrong (white) neighborhood.

Burse asked if she was on the woman’s property.

You’re in it,” said the woman ominously. “And I’m going to report you.” She then snatched at Burse’s arm, attempting to attack or restrain her and Burse struck the woman in self defense.

“You just hit me,” wailed the woman. “You hit me!”

“Yeah and I’ll hit you again if you try to grab my camera,” Burse said. Then, as her dog tried to jump up, Burse pulled back on his leash, saying, “Move, Mojito!

Burse explained that she wasn’t trying to get in a fight with the older lady. However, she wouldn’t leave her alone, and she felt the need to defend herself.

“I’m really not in the business of hitting old women, or disrespecting my elders. I tried really hard to deescalate the situation before I even decided to record, and she just wasn’t having it. I felt threatened, and I’m not sure if you can hear in the second video, but I was in the middle of a panic attack,” Burse told Mic.

The woman harassing Burse in the video was later arrested. Police sided with Burse after watching the video.

To her surprised many local minorities in the Miami community and around the U.S. quickly came to Burse’s defense, and created an unexpected anti-racism viral  hashtag campaign.

Meanwhile, Burse announced that #movemojito merchandise would soon be available for purchase.

Featured image via Twitter.

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