WATCH: Man Caught On Camera Punching Toddler Gets Internet Justice (VIDEO)

There are good parents, bad parents, really bad parents, and then there’s this guy.

This absolutely deplorable human being should have his right to raise children revoked for life as soon as he gets out of prison, for assaulting a toddler in a public store. When the little boy, who can’t be more than three years old, runs away, this monster catches up with him at the end of the aisle and delivers a closed-fisted punch that sends the little one flying backwards to the ground.

His wife or girlfriend, who is clearly pregnant, takes the child by the hand after the big bully yanks him from the ground violently and exits the store. Many will question whether this woman is as bad a parent as her counterpart or if she’s afraid for her life. Either way her son, and her unborn child, are in desperate need of help in getting some protection from an anger-ridden piece of garbage.

After the local news reported on the incident, it didn’t take long for the internet to jump into action and find the man, who has been arrested.

WATCH this horrible father caught on camera punching a toddler in the face.

Warning: Graphic video.

H/T: Addicting Info | Image: Screen Capture

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