Watch: Law Student Shuts Down Off-Duty Cop’s Power Trip In Under 30 Seconds (VIDEO)

A law student in South Carolina was traveling in the fast lane when the car in front of her, which she said was impeding traffic, refused to move out-of-the-way.

When she had the opportunity, she moved to the right and passed him, flipping him a “friendly bird.”  The man was an off-duty cop in an unmarked car.

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He sped up, tailgated her, then flashed his lights and pulled her over.  In the video she immediately recognizes that he’s off-duty.  The cop walks up to her window and asks “are you trying to be smart?”  She asks if he’s off-duty, to which he replies “we’re always on duty.”

After asking the power-hungry cop with the bruised ego several times if she was being detained, the cop answers “no, you’re not being detained.”  She waves at him, tells him goodbye and drives away.

At which point the cop declares somewhat threateningly:

I’ll be seeing you around.

After she got home, the woman in the video called all of the police and sheriff’s offices in the area, whether they had jurisdiction or not, and inquired about the man.  Nobody had any idea who he was.

If he was, indeed, a cop at all, he was clearly off-duty and most likely out of his jurisdiction, pulling the woman over for no reason other than he was irritated that he got called out for his crappy driving skills. Those “keep right except to pass” signs are there for a reason.

But this cop thought he was going to harass this woman and make himself feel better. Unfortunately for him it didn’t work out that way.

Watch…this woman knew her rights.

H/T: The Free Thought Project | Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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