WATCH: Laci Green Takes On And Destroys Myths About Racism In Her Own Unique Way (VIDEO)

Laci Green has become quite an icon over the years. The activist and video-blogger has been speaking to young people on various subjects of sexuality, social issues, popular culture and other interesting topics in an honest, open and rapid fire format for a number of years now. She has been so effective that she has over 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube and a wildly popular Facebook page and other social media pages.

She has hosted online forums for Planned Parenthood and Discovery News, hosted the MTV series “Braless” where she expanded her “one way conversation with herself” to include more topics in the pop culture and internet world. I personally recommend her smart take on “Why Is Beer a Boy Thing?” and she appeared on Dr Phil’s show to speak out against slut shaming.

Recently however, Laci has turned her sharp-witted guns on another topic, racism, and just like with her previous specialties she hits this one out of the park.

In this great entertaining and educational video of quick perky lines mixed in a rapid fire fashion, Laci starts by giving a little history lesson and the differences between what racism used to be (overt) and what it has evolved into (covert) on many levels. After that, she focuses mostly on the injustices of institutionalized forms of racism. In that synopsis, she drives through what she calls the six common ways that institutionalized racism is implemented in today’s world.

Towards the end she shifts the direction to call on all of us, especially white Americans, to do our part in breaking these cycles that perpetuate racism. The video is on point and takes an awkward subject and paves a way for us to have a better conversation on the subjects around race – something Laci Green has become quite a skilled master at doing.

To top it all off, she backs up her assertions with facts. What could be better but a charming, funny, entertaining, educational, and factual video that takes an awkward conversation and shines some light on it in a positive way that can be experienced in about six minutes?

Check out the video HERE:


For a bonus, check out this appearance on Dr Phil that helped establish her “rep” as a great voice for young women everywhere HERE:

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