Watch Kansas Councilman Allegedly Call Teen ‘Black N****r B*tch’ Over Traffic Mishap (VIDEO)

What in all that is holy is going on with Kansas these days? They’ve always been famed for hating gays like nobody else, but the poor shaming is completely out-of-control. Well, it looks like we can add a big bucket of racism to the mix.

It seems the Kansas Bureau of Investigations has opened an investigation into Edwardsville City Councilman Chuck Stites, who has been accused of calling a teenage girl a during a “black n****r b*tch” and telling her to “go back to Baltimore” during a a road rage incident. Apparently, all black people are from Baltimore these days.

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Kali Chatmon, the teenage girl in question, recently told WDAF that she was looking to take a right turn when she saw a Black Lincoln with its turn signal on. However, the Lincoln proceeded to go straight, causing a near collision in the process. And that’s when things got a little ugly.

He had on his signal like he was going to turn right to where I was, so I proceeded to take my right and we almost collided because he continued to go straight,” Chatmon recalled.

The teen said that she tried to apologize, but the driver of the car insulted her with sexist and racial slurs.

“He was just saying things like go back to Baltimore then he called me a black n****r b*tch,” Chatmon said. (KSHB)

Here’s the real fun part: Stites called the incident a “misunderstanding,” but refused to say whether the charges were true.

There’s an ongoing investigation,” Stites said. “It’s a misunderstanding. There’s a lot more to this story than is being told, and I think it would probably be inappropriate for me to comment much more until that investigation is complete. (KSHB)

Damn, Kansas! What will you do next?

Watch the video below:

H/T: KSHB|Featured image via screen capture from Youtube

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