WATCH: Josh Duggar’s 2008 Incest Joke That Everyone Missed (VIDEO)

There has been a ton of coverage this week concerning the Duggar family and their son Josh who has been allegedly found to have been involved in some sexually criminal behavior during his teenage years.

Among the reports came a very disheartening one, especially to people who have been victims of such abuse by a sibling, that the records of all the past events have been destroyed by the judge who originally heard the case that never saw the light of day in the first place due to what appears to some to be their insider deal-making outside the law.

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Unfortunately for the Duggars, they can’t destroy video recordings of the past episodes of their show. Like this one, where Josh Duggar is making a crack about incest on the show. He also seems really entertained with himself as he yucks it up about “Arkansas Incest.”

Looking back at this 2008 clip from their Kids and Counting series, it just comes off as really creepy — “knowing what we know now.”

Check out Josh at the Improv, HERE:


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